Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blog Makeover

Hello, readers! I have some news for you. 
   When Kirsten and I started this blog, we wanted to pretend that we were from different families... not related at all. Somehow, we thought that it would be more fun. But in reality, we are (adopted) sisters! I know, it's a big surprise for all of you.
   As we started posting, we realized that it wasn't going to work out if we continued it in this way. I mean, have you ever wondered why we are constantly having sleepovers together... not to mention how, in our trip to Lake Isabella, Kirsten and I are dancing and listening to music in the car? Isn't someone supposed to be driving?!
   Anyway, we are going to edit all of our posts and tell you the truth. Thank you for working with us here!



  1. Haha, that explains things, because I was curious a little, about that time in the car. ;-) That also explains how the two of you can be SO DIFFERENT, but still be best friends. ;-)

    Love from your fellow doll,