Monday, October 17, 2016


Greetings. :)

Yes, poemishness is not a real word. But sometimes you have to make up a word to truly say what you're trying to say. Anyway!

This is Sylvia and I've cooked up another poem. Today I had a tougher school day, so I thought I'd write a poem to express my feelings. It doesn't rhyme at all - it's meant to convey emotion rather than stick to any rules or meter. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe some of it will ring true with you, as well! (Though I hope you have as few hard school days as possible.)

The Escape

I can’t think
My cells are dissolving into the blackness of insanity.
Math, what is math?
Interests and percents scrawl across the page
Smeary gray where my hand has brushed over them.
Literature, what is this madness?
Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville
They seek to open up the vaults of gloom
With their ravens and scarlet letters and whales.
Spanish, a confusion of sounds
You are a tongue that mine cannot pronounce
No matter how hard I try.
I collapse on my bed, limp
Curled into a ball of paralysis.
The world is convulsing as my thoughts scrabble uselessly
Against the pale walls of my brain.
School laughs mercilessly in the corner
And Deadline stands threatening
Waving the filled calendar back and forth in front of my face.
I drift towards the brink of emptiness
My senses swirl
Falling, tumbling, plunging down over the edge of reason.
A hand reaches from nowhere and clutches mine.
I float to a stop
And open my eyes. 
They stand in a group around me, warm and comforting
Arms outstretched to take me in.
I know them all.
They have been given many names by others who do not understand:
Imaginary, fake, fictional, childish.
But I know these people for who they are
And I love them
With all my heart.
Smiling, knowing, they take me into their worlds
Where I dance for joy in the rain under the sunshine.
The valleys are green there
And the stars are vast.
Trees spread for miles across the mountains
Waterfalls laugh over the jeweled rocks
And I lose myself 
In webs of song.
Soon I must return to my world
To take up again the responsibilities that have been allotted to me.
And when I do
I will conquer them with new strength
Because of the stories that I have taken part in.
They will always be there, waiting for me
Because they know
That everyone who has ever lived in this world
Has experienced the longing
For an escape.

Picture via Pinterest

Have a lovely day, all!