Friday, December 18, 2015

GOTY Poll #10

Hello, readers!
     It's time, once again, for the next GOTY poll. First, let's check out last week's results! Out of the six hobbies, the winner was...

Writing Fantasy!

Image result for writing fantasy

It won with a total of twenty-three votes, photography in second place with twenty-one.

     Now, it's time for Poll #10! This one will determine what pet this girl has. Again, as there are hundreds of possible pets in this world, comment on which one you think she should have, and we'll pick out seven or eight to put up on the sidebar.


     We will be taking a winter break from this blog, starting tomorrow and ending January 10th (or maybe a little sooner). So don't freak out if your comments aren't published for a few weeks. We WILL get to them eventually. ;) We really love your comments, and it will be so fun at the end of our break to come back to the blog and have a whole pile of them to read and sort through! :)

     Thanks again for your wonderful patience. We'll look forward to coming back.


-Kirsten, Sylvia, Saige, & Caroline

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Hello, everyone. :)
     Well, if you're living in the twenty-first century, then you are either caught up in the Star Wars fandom or are watching it sweep by you with the flash of lightsabers, leaving you rather dizzy and dazed. Our little family is no exception. Mom, Sylvia, Saige, and Caroline haven't really spoken of anything else this past month - with The Force Awakens coming out and all. I must admit, I am not yet part of the Star Wars fandom. My apologies if that last sentence caused anyone to faint from horror. But I prefer, for now at least, to stick to my classic novels and history textbooks. But we'll see what the coming few years bring.
     All that to say, our mom has just finished a small doll replica of Rey! She's very pretty, I must say. This blog is not limited to AG dolls, so here are some pictures of the Rey doll. Enjoy. :)

     Mom thought she looked almost human from the back, so that's why the majority of the photos are from that angle. ;) Well, I hoped you enjoyed this little photoshoot. Are any of you going to see The Force Awakens today or tomorrow? 
     Have a lovely day!


Last Remnants of Autumn

Hello, readers!
     Autumn is drawing to a close. Pretty amazing, huh? I feel like it just started. Anyway... here is a photoshoot of me enjoying the last remnants of Fall. :)

     Have a lovely day, ya'll! :)


Thursday, December 10, 2015

GOTY Poll #9: Continued

Hello, readers!
     Thanks for all the ideas over the past week-and-a-half! We've set up the hobbies on the sidebar, so please vote on which one you think our GOTY should have. At the end of the week, come back to see the results! :)


P.S. You may choose multiple answers for this one. ;)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Our First Blogiversary

Hello, everyone!
     This post is a little late, but we're going to put it up here anyway. A few weeks ago, on November 20th, we celebrated our first blogiversary! Journal of Two Dolls has officially existed for a year. (More than a year now, actually.)
     Let's look back to the beginning, when we were just starting out.

Here's a link to our first post.
Well, needless to say, we've changed quite a bit since then...

Not the best photography. ;)

And our first Christmas? (On this blog, of course.)

...and Caroline.

Now, here we are... December, 2015.

     Thank you, readers, for sticking with us throughout this year, commenting on our posts, and encouraging us to continue on! We couldn't have done it without you. :)
     Have a lovely day!

-Kirsten, Sylvia, Saige, & Caroline

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Giveaway At SpreadingMyJoy

Hello, everybody!
     We forgot to let you all know: our mom is sponsoring a giveaway! To check it out, visit Allie D. over at Spreading My Joy. The giveaway ends on December 1st, so hurry!
     To read Allie's review of the outfit, click here.
     Last but not least, here are some of our own pictures of the outfit! Enjoy. :)

     Have a lovely day! :)


GOTY Poll #9

Hello, readers!
     We hope you all had a fantastic, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving. :) Now it's time for the next GOTY Poll! Between the colors green and turquoise, the winner was...


It won with fourteen votes, beating out green by six points.

     The next poll will determine what our GOTY's favorite hobby will be. There are literally thousands of hobbies out there, so this will be set up a bit differently. Instead of voting on an actual poll this week, tell us in the comments what you think her favorite hobby should be. At the end of the week, we'll pick five or six of our favorites and set them up on the sidebar for you to vote on. Hopefully that all makes sense! :)
     Have fun and be creative! 


Friday, November 20, 2015

GOTY Poll #8 - Extended

Hello, readers!
     Well, what do you know, but we currently have a tie in the latest GOTY poll! Turquoise and Green both have nine votes each. So we're going to put a tiny poll out there for this week: just green and turquoise. Hopefully you'll be able to decide between the two. :)


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

GOTY Poll #8

Hello, readers!
     The polls just keep coming and coming, don't they? ;) Let's check out the results from last week. Out of all the eyebrow styles, the winner was...


It won with a total of fifteen votes.

     So far, our imaginary GOTY doll has: 

~The Marie Grace facemold
~Medium skin
~Aquamarine eyes
~Feathered eyebrows
~Black, wavy, waist-length hair

     We have officially graduated from Appearance Polls to Personality Polls! This means that the rest of the polls were determine our GOTY's personality. 
     So, what is this girl's favorite color? Check back next week for the results!

-Kirsten, Sylvia, Saige, & Caroline

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kirsten's Hair Treatment

Hello, everybody!
     Yesterday, Mom decided that it was time to give Kirsten's hair some attention. It was rather frizzy, dry, and still had some strange waves in it from her original braids. Mom's friend Julia Grace had recently sent her a video by CraftsAdore on how to fix such hair, so she gave it a try.
     Here are the results!


...and after!

     Mom also trimmed off some of Kirsten's dry ends. Now her hair is straight, smooth, and soft again! She would totally recommend this treatment to any straight-haired doll.
     Have a lovely day!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Green Floral Happiness

Hey, readers! Sylvia here.
     I don't know about you, but I love the color green. It's one of my favorites. And I love floral fabric, too. So when you have green floral fabric sewn into an adorable tank top, you have a very happy Sylvia on your hands! :)
     Here's a photoshoot of Caroline to help you share my happiness. ;) Enjoy!

     Have a lovely, happy, green-floral-ish kind of day! :)


P.S. This is Kirsten. I do not know what a green-floral-ish day is, so do not feel obligated to have one. Perhaps Sylvia has been writing poetry lately. That's when she starts inventing things of this sort. ;)