Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Arrival

You will never guess what happened!
   About two weeks ago, Kirsten started to act funny. So did Mom. It was like they knew something that I didn't, and they were trying not to burst.
   Well, when there's a secret brewing around here, I can't rest until I find out what it is! Usually, I can wheedle anything I want to out of Kirsten, but this time, it didn't work. I wheedled and wheedled, but she just kept smiling silently and wouldn't say a word. Arrg! What was going on?
   Well, last week, around evening, I was reading the Return of the King, my favorite Lord of the Rings book. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I was at an exciting part of my book and didn't want to get up, so Mom and Kirsten opened the door.
   I looked over to see what it was... and it was my cousin, Saige, who I hadn't seen in years!
   "Saige!" I yelled, almost knocking her over with a hug.
   "Hi, Sylvia!" she said, grinning like crazy. "Hi, Kirsten!"
   "So this was your big secret," I said to my sister. "Saige coming to visit."
   "Actually," my cousin corrected, "I'm coming to live here!"

   So, now we have a third sister in our house! We are going to let Saige write stuff in our blog, but keep the name the same, because only two dolls started this blog originally, not three. Anyway, Saige doesn't like to write very much... she likes to paint, and paint, and paint! And ride horses. You can find out more about her on the "About Us" page.
   Stay tuned for some long photo shoots of Saige!



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photo Shoot With Sylvia

This morning, Mom was in the mood for taking pictures. Sylvia was looking so photogenic in her beautiful white nightgown, that Mom thought she would be perfect!
   After much persuading, I got Sylvia to agree on having this morning's photos posted (she is very humble, despite her wild and spunky nature).

Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frosty Fair Isle Set Review

As you know, I received the  AG Frosty Fair Isle set as a Christmas gift from Kirsten. I love it, and thought that I'd write a review for it here!

First, there was this lovely blue sweater that is amazingly soft and warm.

Here is closer picture of the sweater's detailed design.

Next came these stretchy, dark gray/purple pants.

Here are the fleecy boots! They are lavender colored and pull on easily.

They have these adorable, dangling appliques with snowflakes embroidered on them.

Lastly, the headband! 
It is a slightly pinker lavender than the boots, and made of a knitted material.



I am so happy with this set! I would totally recommend buying it.
   And it is now my favorite outfit to wear in the wintertime. Thank you, Kirsten, for giving it to me!


Monday, January 19, 2015

How To Make Doll-Sized Composition Books

Every doll needs a couple composition books for their schoolwork!
   These ones are so fun and easy to make.

You will need:

-A sheet of colored cardstock (construction paper would also work, but cardstock is nicer)
-Two sheets of regular white paper, plus a little extra
-Black electrical tape
-Regular scotch tape
-Pens (for decorating)

Note: Steps 1 through 5 demonstrate the same process shown in the Lined Paper Tutorial, two posts below.

1) Fold a sheet of regular white paper in half lengthwise, then widthwise to create two creases.

2) Cut along those creases.

3) Now you should have four papers.

4) Fold those four papers in half, then cut along those creases.

5) You should now have eight papers. Repeat this process with your other sheet of paper.
In all, you should have sixteen little papers.

6) Using one of your little white papers as a guide, cut out two pieces of colored cardstock the same size as your white papers.

7) Now, sandwich your white papers in between your two colored papers.

8) Staple them together on the left side. 
(In the above picture, the comp book is upside-down.)

9) This is how it should look.

10) Measure and cut off a piece of black electrical tape, the same length as the comp book.

11) Lay it across the book so that it covers the staples on the front and back.

12) Use you scissors to cut the two right-hand corners into curves.

It's looking pretty good, isn't it?

13) Now, use your pen to decorate the cover of the book.
You can make squiggles, stripes, dots, or entirely skip this step.

14) On a bit of white paper, draw a shape like this.
You could also make a rectangle or an oval.

15) Cut it out.

16) Use your ruler to make a straight line near the bottom of your shape. 

17) It should look like this.

18) Roll up a piece of scotch tape, with the sticky side facing out.

19) Attach it to the back of your shape...

...and stick it onto your book.

You're done!

Sylvia loves her new composition book. 
All she needs to do now is write her name on it!

This has been our longest tutorial yet, and we hope you enjoy it.