Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frosty Fair Isle Set Review

As you know, I received the  AG Frosty Fair Isle set as a Christmas gift from Kirsten. I love it, and thought that I'd write a review for it here!

First, there was this lovely blue sweater that is amazingly soft and warm.

Here is closer picture of the sweater's detailed design.

Next came these stretchy, dark gray/purple pants.

Here are the fleecy boots! They are lavender colored and pull on easily.

They have these adorable, dangling appliques with snowflakes embroidered on them.

Lastly, the headband! 
It is a slightly pinker lavender than the boots, and made of a knitted material.



I am so happy with this set! I would totally recommend buying it.
   And it is now my favorite outfit to wear in the wintertime. Thank you, Kirsten, for giving it to me!



  1. It is so beautiful on you, Sylvia! I especially love the boots! :)


  2. Wow! totally gorgeous!


  3. This is lovely, Sylvia! It was very sweet of Kirsten to give this too you, it is such a nice outfit, and it really suites you. :) I love the blue sweater!