Saturday, January 17, 2015

How To Make Doll-Sized Pencils

Hey, everybody!
   Here is the next installment of doll-sized school supplies... pencils!

You will need:

-Several toothpicks
-Colored markers (pink, yellow, black, and green)

1) Select a toothpick.

2) Cut off one of the pointy ends.

3) Do this to several toothpicks.

4) Now, color the non-pointy end of a toothpick pink.
This will be the eraser.

5) Color the rest of the toothpick yellow.
Remember to leave the pointy end plain brown!

6) Color the tip of the pointy end black.

7) Finally, color two green bands on the eraser end. 
This is very important to do, or your pencil will not look like a pencil! 

8) Don't forget to color the tip of the eraser. This is important, too.

All done!

Now that you have some doll-sized pencils to go with your lined paper, enjoy writing!