Monday, April 25, 2016


Hello, everyone!
     As you have noticed, we've been on a long-ish break for the last couple weeks. Some of our family has passed away and life has been shaken up a bit. We are not abandoning this blog, but we will be continuing the break for at least another week (most likely more). But here is a list of goals we have for Journal of Two Dolls this year:

  • Draw and post the picture of Lily Rose
  • Start up Fashion Fun again
  • Write and post a photostory series

     Thank you for not un-following us, even though we're not posting - it means a lot! Hopefully we'll be back in our normal routine in the following weeks.
     Have a lovely day! :)


P.S. That lovely photo was taken by Aunt Abby. :)

Monday, April 11, 2016

GOTY Polls: Complete!

Hello everyone!
     It has happened.
     We've reached the end of our Girl of the Year polls.
     Thank you for the loads and loads of names you sent in! They were all beautiful, and we had quite the time going through them and picking out our favorites. The results are in and now it's time to see what our girl will be named! Drumroll, please...

     So here she is in her entirety:

  • Name: Lily Rose Brookshire
  • Marie-Grace Facemold
  • Medium Skin Tone
  • Aquamarine Eyes
  • Asian Eye Shape
  • Black, Curly Hair
  • Feathered Eyebrows
  • Favorite Color: Turquoise
  • Favorite Hobby: Writing Fantasy
  • Pet: Hedgehog
  • Home: Alaska

     Presently, Saige will post a picture that she's working on of Lily. Hopefully she can finish that within the next week or so; we've been very busy. ;)
     Have a lovely day!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016


     I wrote a bit of poetry today and thought I'd post it here. Tell me what you think! :)


The violin is cradled in your hands like a fragile bird
A bird that is singing under your bow.
You coax out the melody, graceful and lithe
You and the music are one.

The strings are trembling
Overcome with emotion
The notes ache with words that can only be felt.

The bow dips and falls
Alive within your fingers
Poignant, spilling out the beauty in your soul.

     Have a lovely day. :)


P.S. Picture of violin is from Google. ;)