Saturday, December 13, 2014

Our Christmas Tree

Hello, everyone!
   Today, Sylvia and I helped decorate our mom's Christmas tree!

We did it in our pajamas so we could be cozy. And yes... that's me actually wearing pants! 
Sylvia talked me into it, and I consented, because the outfit was so cute. :)

I'm hanging an ornament on the tree.

These are some of our favorites!

Beautiful Sylvia poses in front of the beautiful tree. :)

Here's how it looks like with the overhead light on...

...and off.

We love relaxing under the huge Christmas tree!

So, how do you like to decorate your tree? We'd love to know!



  1. No way- You got the Purple Peacock Outfit?! That's not fair... ;P Me, and my sisters, and my friends have always admired that one in the catalogue... :)

    Katy J. W. (the doll:)

  2. So, since Katy was to busy marveling over your cloths, I shall tell you about our tree! Well, every year, each person in our family gets a new ornament, so we have quite a collection of, well, all sorts! My family does a fake tree. I don't mind that we don't have to water it and all that, but I do always enjoy the smell of the real ones. The fun thing about the one we pull out every year is that its super huge. :)

    -Carrie F. W. (the doll:)

    1. How fun! Yeah, fake ones are easier to take care of, but you don't get that Christmas-y piney smell. :)

  3. Hey, your pajamas are really cute, Kirsten! I would tell you about our tree, but I think Marie wants too, and she is always better at describing things then me- so I'll let her do that. ;-) Btw, your birdhouse ornament with the cardinals is really cute. :)


  4. Hello, Kirsten and Sylvia! It was a pleasant surprise to see another post on your blog! unlike Katy and Carrie's family, we always do a table-top tree- a real one, mind you. ;-) Alex and I are usually in charge of decorating it, so as you can imagine, I have tones of fun with that. This year, we put on white lights, and a red and white garland. We have a few of our special ornaments here and there, but for the most part, it all matches. So we have lots of red, white, silver, and a few gold ball ornaments all around the tree. I think it came out nicely! Of course, I might be a little biased... :)

    I look forward to seeing more soon!

    Marie L. C. (the doll :)

  5. Your dolls are so cute! I also have Kirsten! She says hi! ;) Loved the tree! :)