Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Sorry readers... we said that we'd post a couple days ago, but we have not. And that was bad blogging on our part. But things have been rather crazy; our mom's brother had to have his appendix out.
   Now we are back.

   Mom has been sewing some more. Not doll clothes, but dolls themselves! They are so cute, and it's fun to talk to them, they have such sweet personalities. :) And the best part is... they are up for adoption at Kittykat Workshop!

First, there's this little cutie:

She's got the sweetest face!

Her skirt is removable, turning the top of the dress into a shirt.

Mom made sure that there were lots of details on these dolls.
For example, the hairbow...

...the collar and buttons...

...and even little shoes. 

And now, here is the second doll:

She's wearing a more old-fashioned dress.

Her skirt is removable, too, but she isn't wearing any leggings, 
so it doesn't look as nice. 

Here's a close-up of the skirt. We love the fabric. :)

They're already best friends! :)

   So, we hope you like these dolls! They'd make great gifts for a little girl (or a big girl... or a woman). ;) 
   And, Mom is doing custom orders, too! Just contact her through Etsy and tell her how you want your special doll to look, and she'll make it for you. She has lots of hair colors and fabric choices, so designing your own doll would be a ton of fun, we're sure! :) 
  Well, have a splendid day. We can't wait to hear from you!

-Kirsten, Sylvia, & Saige


  1. Oh my gosh these are so adorable! I just love the felt hair.
    I like the first one the best, mostly because of the color of her dress.

    1. Thanks, Gwen! Yeah, we love the first doll's dress, too... it's so bright and cheery! :)

  2. Those dolls are adorable! I love all the detail. : )
    Your mom is very talented!

  3. Aww, they are so sweet!

    ~Julia Grace Phillips

  4. THEY"RE SO CUTE! (sorry)
    but seriously, ohmygosh. they're adorable.
    I love both of them, but I think the first is my favorite. I love the fabrics you used for her.
    did you come up with the pattern yourself? even if you didn't I'm impressed, but even more so if you did!

    1. Thanks, Kathryn!
      Mom found the pattern pieces on the internet, but had to modify them quite a bit. And she had to make up the skirt pattern.
      Yes, we love the fabrics, too! Kirsten really likes the second doll but Saige and I (Sylvia) like the first one best. :)


  5. Oh, my goodness! They are sooooooooooo cute! I like the first one the best, but the second is adorable too. :) I Love You Girls!

    ~ Aunt Abby

  6. I nominated you for the Books and Reading Challenge! :)

    - Ellie