Sunday, November 23, 2014

Trip To Lake Isabella

Yesterday, our mom took Sylvia and I with her on a road trip to Lake Isabella. She was going to visit a friend there. Due to the drought in California, the lake was very low, and rather dismal-looking, so you won't be seeing any pictures of that. But there are plenty others.

First we stopped at Starbucks. 
Sylvia took a moment to pose for this picture, and then went back to deciding what drink to order.

So many choices!

At last we managed to get back on the road.

The autumn landscape was very pretty. 
I could have watched it for a while, but Sylvia was becoming restless. 
So she got out her MP3 and turned on some Scott Joplin ragtime! 

And she danced. In the car. Yes, that's Sylvia for you!

At last we arrived at our destination. 
After being introduced to Mom's friend, we explored the big yard.  

We walked around for awhile, enjoying the cool weather.

This is Sylvia in a tree. She kept begging for me to climb it, too. 
"It's so nice... you can see everything from up here!" she kept on saying.

So I gave in; it was actually not too bad up there.

 I had more fun smelling the beautiful flowers!

Eventually, Sylvia came down from her tree and smelled them, too.

A gorgeous, almost-sunset sky was the perfect end to our wonderful day!


Yes, folks, Kirsten described our day pretty well. For once, I can't think of anything to add! So I guess that's all for now.



  1. Yay, Star Bucks! It's not a proper trip without a Star Bucks stop. ;-)

    ~Julia Phillips

  2. Love you Slyvia and Kirsten! Keep traveling love your pictures! - Your Friend Rachel