Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pajama Time

Today, Mom took Sylvia and I shopping for some autumn/winter pajamas. There were many beautiful choices at the store! Here are some pictures of what I picked out.

I chose this nightgown with a delicate leafy pattern.

This little bow was a lovely addition!

Here is a close up of the leaf pattern.

I think it suits me wonderfully! I'm very excited to have a new nightgown for the autumn and winter.


Hey everyone, this is Sylvia! Kirsten just showed you her new pajamas. Now I'll show you mine!

I picked out this set that included a cute nightie top and a pair of pink leggings.

The nightie top was sprinkled with a sweet rosebud pattern. 

It also had this adorable little ruffly button thing... I love it!

Isn't the rosebud pattern so sweet?

And then there were the leggings.

The material is very soft!

The hem is sort of fluted, too.

Here is how I look when I wear them!

I think that these pajamas are perfect for me! I love shopping. :) 
   Oh, and please comment and tell us which pajamas you like better: Kirsten's or mine. We can't wait to hear from you!



  1. Personally I think I would choose both depending on the season. summer - kirsten's and fall or winter I would go for Slyvia's pjs. :) Cute!

  2. Both are adorable, I especially love the style of the top in Sylvia's pj set. But, seeing that I must stay true to my favorite color (green), for myself, I would have to choose Kirsten's. :-)

    ~Julia G. P.

    1. I'm sure the nightgown would look splendid on you! (If it was a few sizes bigger.) ;)

  3. I loved both pj outfits! Personally, I liked the style of Kirsten's nightgown a little bit better, however, Sylvia's colors were very cute too. I think that in the end, Kirsten's nightgown was my favorite :)

    - Abby

  4. Both are so cute. I love the bow on Kirsten's nightgown and the ruffly button thing on Sylvia's shirt. But in the end, I would have to choose Sylvia's outfit.

    ~ MEL

  5. Personally, I think I would choose Sylvia's, because it has more of a variety of colors. But, I like Kirsten's too. They're both really great.

    ~ Pop

  6. I really like Sylvia's pink pants.

    ~ Jack Hunt

  7. Sylvia for sure. But, when my dad (he's a DPM, ya know) walked by, he noticed a problem with her toes. He said he would give her a free consultation (1800FUSEDTOES). He said it is a very common condition and can be fixed quite easily.

    ~ Anna L.

    1. Oh.... uh, thanks! Yeah, we might give him a call. :P