Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rainy Day Reading

Hello, everyone, Kirsten here. It's autumn at last... that perfect time to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a good book, and read, and read, and read! Here in California, November is when it first starts to get chilly, and so, consequently, that is the time when I am most inspired to read. Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite books. Well, at least some of them. I have so many that this post would be way too long if I told you all of them!
   First of all: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series, written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

This is probably the most amazing series that I have ever read. 
It is so well written and full of adventure! The history of Middle Earth (where the books take place) is realistically complex, yet consistent, and full of little things that you only notice after reading it twice or thrice.

Sylvia's favorite book in this series is the last one, The Return of the King.

My favorite is the first book, The Fellowship of the Ring, in spite of the fact that 
many people complain of the first half being so boring and slow. It may be slow, but all the information in it is crucial for understanding and appreciating the other two books! After a while, you grow to even love the "boring" parts.

My other favorite series is The Chronicles of Narnia, written by C.S. Lewis.

You can tell that I love it. :)

This series is comprised of seven books: The Magician's Nephew
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Horse and His BoyPrince Caspian
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle. 
Personally, I like them all equally. 

Right now, I'm reading The Horse and His Boy.

   So, this autumn and winter, I encourage you to pull out a new book, or an old favorite, and simply read it. Imagine... a crackling fire warming your toes, a cup of hot chocolate at your elbow, and a good story... ahhhhh.



  1. I have never read these ones, but I have heard A LOT about them, and I am interested. I suppose I shall add them to my (long) list of "books to read!" It may be a while, but I will read them at some point in my future. ;-)

    Julia P

  2. Kirsten, is that the page in "The Horse and His Boy" that has a picture of Rabadash hauling back and kicking Ahoshta? I love all of the books you mentioned! I can't say I've managed to read them either twice or thrice but I hope to at some point. :) And, I entirely agree with you Kirsten; "The Fellowship of the Ring" is my favorite too and I find the beginning part with "boring" information fascinating! Keep up the good reading!


  3. You mention, "...a crackling fire warming your toes," and it concerns me. You do know that your feet are vital to your ability to walk and pick up small objects off the floor so you don't have to lean over? Please back at least 16 feet away from the fire and I don't recommend HOT chocolate, as it can burn the skin of your toes if it were to spill. I recommend drinking cold Ovaltine.

    ~ Dr. L (DPM)

    1. That is hilarious, Dr. L... ehem, we mean informative. Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions. We will exercise especial care when dealing with fires and hot chocolate.

  4. I like reading books, too. I think we should have a reading time together sometime. LOL (Lots of Love)

    ~ Jen Carter

  5. I like reading, too. However, I recommend a fun series called Concord Cunningham The Scripture Sleuth (no relation to Richie). It's about a boy who solves mysteries with his Bible. You can see his website at www.scripturesleuth.com. Happy reading!

    ~ MEL

    1. Cool! Yes, we have read those and love them :)

  6. I have read the Chronicles of Narnia too. I think your blog is great! CMC

    1. Oh, hello Mrs. Coleman! Our mom misses you and your family a lot... hopefully we can see you again soon sometime!

  7. I have read the Chronicles of Narnia too. I think your blog is great!