Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Potential Photostory Series

Hello, readers!
     Ahhh - it's nice to get back into blogging. You may have noticed the rather large gaps between our posts lately. Kirsten and I (Sylvia) have been taking a bit of a break, because of school, lots of sewing, and life. You know. ;) 
     Another reason for our absence is that we (and Mom) have been planning a photostory series! To be honest, we don't even know what to call it yet, but it's in the works. Feel free to contribute ideas. We might use them! 
     So far, it looks like I'm going to be the main character (happy squeal). Caroline's going to play another main part, and Saige and Kirsten will supply most of the other characters. Since there's only four of us, we'll have to get creative with costumes and special effects, because there are far more than four characters in our potential storyline! 
     What sort of story would you like to see? Something that includes fantasy, or something that could actually happen in real life? We were leaning toward the fantasy idea. It's so much fun to edit pictures on Picmonkey, and if we did a fantasy story, then we'd have to create lots of special effects. :)
     We can't wait to hear your input! Have a lovely day, everyone. :) 



  1. Fantasy would be so fun! And especially if you like doing special effects!:) Maybe something with mythical creatures like dragons and fairies!;)

  2. Aunt Abby and Cousin Charity12:21 PM, February 24, 2016

    What a great idea! Charity thought it would be fun if you did a Narnia and Lord of the Rings story together! :D I don't know how you would do that, but I am quite positive that you could figure something out. ;)

    We love you! <3

    1. Hmm... it would take a lot of planning, but that's a good idea! We'll keep it in mind. :)

  3. Sorry I don't really have any ideas for you, but this whole thing is so exciting! :D

    1. That's all right! No problem. :)
      Yeah, we're excited about it, too!

  4. I think fantasy is a great idea!
    Maybe it could be about two girls that find a fantasy world (Sorta like Narnia) and they get trapped in the world. And then the king suddenly gets kidnapped and everyone blames the two girls. Then the two girls set out to find the king and prove their innocence. (I know its not that great it was just an idea.)

    1. Ooh, very interesting! Thanks for the idea! :)

    2. Aunt Abby and Cousin Charity1:48 PM, February 25, 2016

      Oh! That sounds very thrilling and adventurous! Fun, too! :)