Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Etsy Shop Poll Results

Hello, everyone!
   We polled all of you to see what you thought Mom should make next for Kittykat Workshop. Here are the results!

-Drawstring Dresses won first place with seven votes!

-Anchor Tank Tops got second place with four votes.

-Shorts won third place with three votes.

-And, finally, Breezy Tops got one vote.

So! It looks like Mom will be adding some Drawstring Dresses to her shop soon! :D Hopefully she'll get some sales. ;)

~Kirsten, Sylvia, Saige, & Caroline


  1. WOAH. I just realised that you sucked all the colors out of that photo, but left the blue in. That's cool.
    I like the drawstring dresses, and also the button down shirt.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, Mom has this setting on her camera that takes all colors out of a picture except one... she chose to leave the blue in this one. Cool, right? :D

  2. Can't wait to see what the next poll will be!

    ~ Aunt Abby

  3. I can't wait to see the dresses! Wow, that picture is really cool. ;-) What are you gonna do for the next poll?