Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Sea of Gold

Hello, readers! This is Saige, and I'll be doing one of my rare posts today.
   Yesterday, Mom was visiting some family and brought me along. We all went to the California Poppy Reserve, and it was so pretty! I almost felt like I was back in New Mexico! (In case you haven't read my books, New Mexico is where my home used to be until I came to live here.)

This is what you could see from the road... no poppies yet.

Here are the poppies!

There were also lots of these tiny yellow flowers.
There were so many, it was like a sea of gold! Hence, the name of the post.

In case you can't tell, it was super windy. 
Mom held on to me most of the time, or I would have blown right down the hillside!

There were some purple flowers at one spot. 
It looked so beautiful, mingling with the orange and gold.

So much wind!

We were watching a bird hop around with a caterpillar in its mouth,
wondering where it would go. Imagine our surprise when it hopped right
over to a nestful of baby birds! There were four of them, right next to the dirt road.
We hope that they're still safe, with all the cars driving by!

Isn't that picture just gorgeous?

I had a lovely time yesterday, and wished that I'd brought a sketchbook with me. :) 
Have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. wow Saige! such a beautiful place! good thing your mom held on to you; it looked pretty windy!

    also, your fishtailed hair is beautiful in those pictures! love it!

  2. Nice pictures, very beautiful! I love poppies so much... they are one of my favorite colors! So bright!

    Your outfit that day was very cute. :)

    ~Julia Grace Phillips

  3. Wow, I want to go there! These are such beautiful photos. Good job!